Thursday, December 13, 2007


Get ready for one hair raising ride in one cool car on the most demanding road track ever, the famous Nurburgring in Germany. That mini hauls serious butt! I paly at Gran Turismo 4 on my playstation 2 just to run on that circuit. I can't get enough of it.

Here's a Lotus Elise doing a lap on the Nordschleife as well.

And finally, Sabine Scmitz, the Queen of the ring herself driving the Nurburgring BMW M5 Taxi.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Talk about something fun and crazy. The San Fernando Valley Illegal Soap Box Federation is a bunch of guys who race down streets in California. Now this is not kiddy stuff, those soap boxes are the equivalent of a go-kart without an engine and they go fast. This particular race was marked by one pretty awesome and well documented crash. This looks like a lot of fun, think I'm going to go tinker in the garage after this...

And another race just for the fun of it, crazy stuff, you just gotta love it. :) Enjoy

Sunday, December 9, 2007

East Coast Freeboarding movie

This is a cool video made by a couple of kids with serious talent in film making. The choice of music and shot angles they use is just brilliant. I love skateboarding but my bones are getting a bit too old for that, freeboarding is another approach to gravity sport and these guys are showcasing it well. Enjoy :)


This is one of my favorite operas by Mozart and Diana Damrau is just perfect in this rendition of the Queen of the night. Her costume, make up and tremendous voice is dosed for a perfect evil rendition. Man she could be the wife of Darth Vader. I can't get enough of this presentation. Enjoy.:)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chari Dri Japan's Bicycle drift King!

Now some say this is not drifting but sliding. I don't care, it's pretty amazing. Watch this crazy rider drift is way through some pretty tight Japanese streets while drifting on his pretty simple commuter bicycle. I guess the smooth roads in Japan must help a lot in being able to pull those power slides on a bicycle.



Everybody loves a crash! Except drivers of course. I waste tons of time on Youtube just looking for these. Here's a compilation of race car crashes with just about everything:, F1, Indycar, Rally, Nascar, drag racing and bikes. All with the a wonderful Polka by Weird Al Yankovic in the background! Gotta love weird Al. :) Enjoy

Rally America 2007

One thing I love about Youtube is the amazing number of Rally car race videos. I just can't get enough of those mad drivers going into small back roads at amazing speeds. Also, those crazy European spectators who don't seem to care about dying while watching a race. Enjoy :)